About Reasons Behavioral Health

Anthony Mendoza – Co-Founder & Director of Admissions

Anthony Mendoza

Co-Founder & Director of Admissions

My name is Anthony and I am pleased to be involved in such a rewarding field of work. Coming from a place of addiction I understand the hardships and consumption that come along with the disease. I have found myself honored to participate in this line of work for the last 5 years now gaining experience from various different companies which have all taught me to be a contributing member of society by helping those in need.

It is a true passion of mine to help others find the strength it takes to overcome addiction, I am committed to providing the support and resources it takes to help guide those on the path to recovery. With the experience I possess in both the career and also being a recovering addict myself I am best suited to provide a deeper understanding of the challenges many may be facing.

I wake up excited knowing I get to make a positive impact on others lives everyday, it is an aspiration of mine to make a difference in people’s lives which is exactly what this job is all about! My dedication and experience for what I do is what has provided me a track record of success.

Cassandra Marcano – Director Of Operations

Cassandra Marcano

Director of Operations

For many, the journey of recovery or finding the right treatment modality can feel much more attainable when you have proof it works. Cassandra is living proof that advanced clinical work and the strong application implemented into one’s daily routine can increase the quality of one’s life overall. Much more than a testimony, Ms. Marcano has evolved into a true beacon of light that represents “hope” for those who may not have much of that left.

With an array of skill sets and years of experience working in the behavioral health industry, she is someone who can truly see the bigger picture, carrying a heart of gold and a solution-based mindset which has become a staple of our mission and making her a pillar within our organization. She is “experience, strength, and hope” personified.

Ricky Miles – Co-Founder & Director of Admissions

Ricky Miles

Co-Founder & Director of Admissions

Reasons was established and exists as a result of our own experiences. For over a decade, our family felt the affects of addiction. We understand that for every addiction, there is a root cause…or Reasons. Our centers not only help detox, but specialize in mental health, the reasons that trigger use and abuse of drugs and alcohol. My family witnessed firsthand how life changing sobriety can be, and so can you. If you or someone you love is facing a similar struggle, know that help is just a phone call away.
Robert Amundson - Head of Business Development

Robert Amundson

Head of Business Development

With over five years of dedicated experience in the drug and alcohol treatment field, Robert brings a wealth of expertise to Reasons Behavioral Health as the Head of Business Development. Having worked extensively in admissions and directly with patients, he possesses a deep understanding of the complexities and challenges individuals face on their journey to recovery. Robert’s passion for supporting individuals struggling with addiction is evident in his commitment to providing compassionate care and the opportunity to recover. He strives to forge meaningful partnerships and develop tailored solutions that address the diverse needs of clients and their families.